Jennifer P.

(I) chose Dovorany Orthodontics because of "how friendly and encouraging the staff was at my consultation appointment, because of the location and because of SureSmile. I'd always wanted to get my teeth fixed and I'm so thankful I did. Because I live so far away, it was a challenge to make all of my appointments, but I would do it all over again. I am very satisfied with my result. Having healthy, straight, white teeth gives me the confidence to be more outgoing than I would be otherwise. Before I had braces, I would always put my hand over my mouth because I was so self-conscious. Now, I never think about smiling - I just smile. I now have beautiful teeth and I am proud of it.

Jennafer M.

Every time I asked a question they had good information. They didn't just tell me - they'd show me. And they were always nice about it. (I) could pick custom orthodontic colors that would match my outfits or were perfect for special occasions and holidays.

Cher V.

As I got older, my teeth started to shift and turn. I was self-conscious — every time I smiled I worried about how goofy my teeth looked. (Now) I am more confident when I smile. And I really enjoyed working with the team at Dovorany Orthodontics — I’m even going to miss them now that my braces are off.

Katie G.

I have a more confident smile and healthier teeth. I had been putting braces off for many years and am so happy that I finally decided to go ahead and get them. The process was so much easier than I had expected.  Dr. Dovorany did a great job and I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Wanda R.

I will forever recommend Dovorany Orthodontics. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Dovorany is down to earth and really cares about every patient. I was able to get the custom orthodontic options I wanted - clear braces on the upper, metal on the lower and custom-colored retainers. I love my new smile and get compliments all the time.


After Dr. Dovorany straightened my teeth, I had jaw surgery to make my top jaw bigger and my bottom jaw smaller. Then Dr. Dovorany did some orthodontic tweaks, so I wore the braces for eight more months. I was there a while and almost the entire staff knew me, which was good. They really treated me well. I really like the outcome. I have a nice straight smile now. And I have a perfect line up of my top and bottom teeth.