Spend less time in braces with SureSmile.

Why do most people hesitate to get braces? Time. They don’t want to spend a lot time in braces or the orthodontist’s office. The solution is SureSmile — an orthodontic treatment that can reduce the time you spend in braces by nearly 40 percent than conventional braces.

We start with a 3-D scan of your teeth. This 3-D view allows Dr. Dovorany to precisely analyze your individual orthodontic treatment. We then use specialized software to map your exact course of treatment and send the treatment plan to SureSmile labs where robots create precise customized archwires for you. The wire is composed of advanced alloys that are ‘activated' by your body heat once it is placed within your brackets. These wires gently force your teeth to move into the prescribed position.

What does SureSmile do for you?

  • Shorter time in braces
  • Fewer orthodontic office visits 
  • Less overall discomfort 
  • More precise treatment plan 

Get the best orthodontic technology in the greater Wausau, Antigo and Wittenberg area and we’ll see if SureSmile is right for you.